Monday, 25 September 2017

10 things I've learnt so far this year

This year has been a whirlwind with almost every aspect of my life changing in some way. I've got a new job, met new people, lost old friends, changed in myself and learnt so many new things.

Here are 10 things I've learnt this year so far....

1) I'm a faster learner than I thought. My new job meant I was thrown in at the deep end, managing massive budget projects for major clients with absolutely zilch training. Whilst the first month was terrifying and filled with teary evenings as I tried to figure out why I wasn't doing what I needed to do to keep everyone happy (side note- you can never keep everyone happy, especially not people in marketing); The second month I was a lot more productive as I quickly picked up on new skills and new ways of talking to people to make sure projects ran smoothly.
Now my biggest piece of advice for this is to watch other people, see how they handle situations and how they manage to work their way from wrong doings or solve problems quickly. I'm constantly watching my colleagues and people watching at exhibition instals to see how other teams do things and interact with clients.
I've been caught staring a few times but oh well!

2) The way you think your life is going to pan out can change in one evening. I recently met someone, and I don't want to jinx anything but I am constantly baffled at how one evening with someone, and then spending more time with said person, can change how you think your life will be. I was dead set against ever getting married, ever being in a relationship, ever considering kids, ever falling in love. And here I am wanting to blurt out the 'L' word in the first month of knowing them, favouriting wedding dresses all day on Twitter and actually not minding romantic scenes in films.
And what's more is I never expected it, never looked for it, never even knew I wanted it. Something just happened and I'm the luckiest girl because of it.

3) The fact that you can actually talk to your mum about weird/ awkward topics. Before this year I really haven't been that close to my mum, unfortunately I was a horrible teenager and didn't spend much time with her growing up. But this year has been like meeting a new friend and being able to vent about weird and awkward situations is actually great.

4) That not all bosses know what they're talking about. Now this doesn't just apply to your boss. Anyone who's title insinuates they have more power, experience or ability than you can quite often be complete rubbish. At first I found this very frustrating that someone who was completely incompetent was being paid more than me for doing less, was more respected than me when they did nothing helpful and was more cocky about their 'experience' when their actions showed it to all be a lie.
Unfortunately there's not much you can do in these situations but just smile through their lies and ignore almost all their advice they try and give you. Each day brings new humours, because you have to see them as humours or you'll get tired!

5) That I haven't grown out of all my bad habits but that's okay as long as I know how to control them. I have some bad habits that I had a few years back that have resurfaced again recently, the trigger for this being work stress which is frustrating. But the fact I can acknowledge them and be able to talk it through with people (see point 3) makes things a little easier.
Just another reminder that you should admit you need help, and then actually go and get some!

6) That I've learnt to not care what people think of me. Not always, I hasten to add! I was work colleagues and clients to think well of me but if I want to go into town wearing a dreadful 80s shell suit jacket because it matches my lipstick then I jolly well will. If I want to put on makeup and a cut outfit just to snapchat someone because it makes me 'feel cute' then I will. If I want to dance around my house cooking soup whilst in my pyjamas at 2pm on a Saturday then I will. I used to spend far too much time worrying about what people thought of me when the people that matter to me like me for me, shell suits and all!

7) People will quickly forget about the things you've done wrong, as well as the things you've done right. They'll forget about the good things first, of course, but the bad will fade away too. I'm not talking about really bad obviously, but the slips ups that you have, especially at work will get forgotten. Sure you're boss may spend an hour having a go at you because you didn't make the client 100% happy but the next time you do something well that bad will fade a little.
And it's even more important that you let the bad fade as well. There's absolutely no point whatsoever  clinging onto that slip up you had 4 months ago, it doesn't help you and it won't help your future work either.
Learnt from it and move on!

8) If someone isn't giving you the same effort you're giving them, forget them. Life is too short to care about someone who doesn't care about you. There are so many people out there that will give you their undivided attention, will be an amazing friend and that will give you the same you give them. Don't waste a minute of time or energy on someone who doesn't care.

9) I wish I had the confidence to record my singing. I was bought a very night microphone about 3 years ago with the promise that I would record some songs and post them on YouTube. However after a few failed attempts of being able to figure out garage band I gave up. I'm always singing, and just wish I had the confidence and know how to post some of it.

10) I fall too hard, too fast. And have absolutely no intention on telling them in case they don't say it back.

What are some of the things you've learnt this year? Let me know over on Twitter as well!
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