13 May 2017

Accidentally Vegan Junk Food

As I sat munching my way through a packet of mint Oreos I started to think about what other junk food was 'accidentally' vegan. What I mean by that is something that doesn't contain any meat, dairy or eggs but isn't advertised as being 'vegan'.
So off I went to my local supermarket to scout out a range of other products that were vegan. Let's have a look at what I found.
So I started with something more savoury. A couple of the 'pot noodle' flavours are actually vegan.
Here we have the 'Bombay Bad Boy' and its ingredients.

Also, weirdly, the 'Beef and tomato' flavour is vegan. Whilst I don't recommend having these often, the salt levels are pretty high and I don't think their very nutritious, if you can choose one of these flavours over something non-vegan then I'm all for it!

And to go with that you could choose from a variety of crisps. Most Salt and Vinegar crips are vegan. I checked this Walkers type and they were. Also the ready salted flavour is.

If you wanted something a bit different the Doritos 'Chilli Heat Wave' crisps are vegan.

  Now let's move onto something a bit sweeter. The Butterkist microwave popcorn in the sweet flavour is vegan. I've loved these for ages and only recently noticed that they're vegan. 

If you need something to take to work as a pick-me-up there is a huge range of vegan snack bars from brans including 'Nakd' and 'Trek'.

I highly recommend this chocolate for using in recipes. Whilst it's expensive to buy the small bars it's great if you're making mug cakes or you only need a small bit for a pudding. The orange flavouring makes it almost identical to a Terry's chocolate orange!

 Who doesn't love a Hobnob?! The original flavour are vegan and gluten free. Just be careful you're not picking up the caramel or chocolate covered ones!

These are fairly new in my local supermarket but are very welcome! These millionaire shortbreads are vegan, as well as their rocky road which is also amazing! I occasionally have these as a pudding during the week.

 Another classic that I adore! Bourbon creams. These ones from Sainsbury's own brand are vegan.

And last but not least are Fox's party rings. A cult favourite I feel for anyone who's ever tried them. With no artificial colourings, as well as being vegan, what's not to love?

I hope this short list will help you next time you're looking for a junk food fix. Let me know in the comment below or on my social media what kind of vegan junk food you like and if there are any you just can't live without!

H xx

Disclaimer: Any prices shown in these images are not fixed and may differ at your local supermarket. Check in store, or online, for prices and ingredients. Ingredients shown in these images may not be the same in your country. Check before purchasing.


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