24 April 2017

Early 2017 Empties- Products I've used up

So it's that time of year when we go through my rubbish, take a look at what products I've used up and reflect on whether any of them were any good. So be prepared to see some fairly beaten up makeup packaging....

So I've collected a whole bagful.... Let's go!

Quite a collection this time. Ranging from makeup, skin care and hair care.

So on the left we can see an impressive collection of the Simple cleansing makeup wipe packets. I use these every day to remove my makeup and can't find any other drugstore wipes that compete with how well these work.
Next is a Soft & Gentle deodorant. I've switched over to these from the Nivea invisible one (right) because I was finding that the Nivea one was making my skin itchy and often left white dust on my armpits at the end of the day, very odd.
A H&M eyeshadow palette that I've had for years, embarrassing that I've only just got round to throwing it out. I don't think they sell this anymore anyway, good riddance because the pigmentation was pretty dreadful. 
Then we've got a 'cream contouring' palette that I bought off of eBay when the Kim K contouring trend was popping! This was just coloured vaseline that blended into a muddy mess though so I'm glad to see that gone.
Then of course, like very empties post, there's a decent pile of the Collection Lasting Perfection concealers. I use this every day, it's the best in the drugstore, without a doubt.
Then a Rimmel Wake me up concealer (orange lid) which I found wasn't full coverage enough for me, maybe if you're after a more natural look or don't have many imperfection to cover up then it might work but for me I won't be repurchasing it.

The Nuxe body scrub was a sample I got around Christmas. I love my Soap and Body Scrub and this didn't really compare. I had too few granules in it, meaning it didn't really scrub very well, however I think if you have sensitive skin this might work well for you.
The Pillow plump lip gloss from Soap and Glory gave me an allergic reaction on my lips, making me look like I had an unfortunate plastic surgery mishap so I won't be using this again.
I've managed to get through two more of the Body Shop lightening drops. I use this every day in my foundation to lighten it up for my Casper-esk skin tone.
Another Revlon Photoready primer has been added to the bad. This is my holy grail primer for sure, keeping my skin matte all day and helping it to not settle into any fine lines.
A bunch of MUA lipsticks and a collection of many old lip glosses..... they've been sitting on my desk, making a mess for too long and I don't use any of them anymore. The MUA lipsticks I would recommend and have a whole blog post on them here if you're interested.
There's a Body Shop seaweed moisturiser in there as well which I love, use every day under my makeup and have repurchased.
I also used up a Simple toner which I repurchased and I'm not too why, I don't think it does anything to help my skin really, but I'll use it up anyway.

I've used up another No 7 Beautifully matte foundation which I love. It's a very high coverage foundation and lasts all day on my oily skin, even in summer. I might do a full post dedicated to this one soon because I want to show off how good it is, I've never heard anyone say anything about it really.
The L'Oreal Studio TXT spray was bought in an attempt to add some texture to my hair but all it really did was stick clumps of my hair together and create a greasy mess... not favourable.
A Nuxe prodigieux shower oil was used up, as well as their makeup remover. The makeup remover I've repurchased and it does a fantastic job at removing my mask every evening, however the oil I didn't find did much so I've left that one for now.
The little gold tube near the bottom right is by Bare Minerals and I've gone and bought a full size of it. It's the skin longevity serum and it makes my skin amazing! Any time I have a bad skin day I put this on overnight and wake up with better skin. Honestly it's a holy grail.

The Tesco nail polish remover is a boring one, but totally essential for someone who constantly has her nails painted. Does the job very well.
The Ausie frizz miracle I had high hopes for, but I didn't feel like it did anything to tame my mop, and yet it is so much more expensive that most on the market. Not worth it.
I got a sample of the Caudalie micellar cleansing water and was instantly hooked. I bought the biggest size I could get my hands on and use it every evening to get rid of any traces of makeup left.

If there's any products I haven't covered (because there were quite a new to get through) then leave me a comment or message me on any of my social media platforms.

H xx


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