4 February 2017

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Headphones Review With Photos

So just before Christmas I purchased a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 35 headphones and over the last few months I've learnt more about using them, how well they handle in certain situations, and that my head isn't actually too small to wear them without looking silly.
So here are my thoughts on the headphones, along with some photos.

So I would say I have a smaller than average head size for my age, I always have to tighten helmets and often think that headphones look silly on my because they look so big. But with the sleek design that Bose released with this model I think they look good and draw my attention to themselves.

I keep the band fairly tight, only adjusting it one click either side, and this fits them well to my head. Whenever my brother used them he always pulls the band out further to make them bigger for him. This is a great feature that this model comes with, allowing the band to be adjusted so far for so many different people.

The one thing I will say though, and I think this will only apply to those of you with a smaller head, is that the headphones sit on the band (rather than clamping to the side of my head) which means I have to occasionally move where the band is sitting as it can get a little painful. But I would say I only have to move it maybe once every 2 hours.

The headphones have a noise cancelling feature when they are turned on, however you can still play music through the wire (included) when the batteries have no charge. I think this is a great feature as you can reserve battery for when you need the noise cancelling. The noise cancelling is very good, blocking out my mum using a blender in the next room, or my brother hoovering on the landing whilst I'm in my room. Plus, the 'buzz', that can often be heard with noise cancelling, is almost impossible to hear when you don't have music playing, then once the music starts it disappears completely.

 The controls on the back of the right ear cup allow you to easily increase or decrease the volume, skip and pause and play tracks through the bluetooth connection to your device. I find this really useful as I'm often listening to music whilst cooking or cleaning and I don't want to have to keep going and finding my phone to change track.

The headphones normally take about an hour to fully charge and give you about 20 hours of wireless play time. Of course using the wire to listen, whilst using the noise cancelling, will give you more time but I haven't tested that out. The Bose website says they will work for 40 hours this way.

Even wearing glasses I found the headphones to be comfortable over a long period of time. Because the ear cups have such great padding on them the arms of the glasses don't cut into the side of your head at all.

The button on the right ear cup allows you to switch the headphones on to activate the noise cancelling. If you hold the button in the on position it will search for devices (via Bluetooth) and then tell you when it's connecting to devices it finds. I love that you can have more than one device connected at once. This is great when I'm editing a video on my laptop, but then want to take a break and watch snapchat stories. I don't need to bother trying to switch devices as it keep both connected.

You can see from this shot that my foundation transfers to the cups which is a draw back of having over-ear headphones. I have tried to remove the makeup using makeup removers and fabric cleaner but to little avail so this is a thought if it's important that your tech stays immaculate, but you wear makeup.

You can see from the photo above that the speakers inside the cups are angled towards your ear. This creates an even better speaker to ear transfer, boosting the sound quality even more.

The cups can rotate, and fold up towards the band, meaning they store well in the case (included). It also means they sit well against the side of your head.

I haven't used these on a long run or anything, but cycling and running up and down stairs I found they stayed in place very well and caused no change in sound when using wirelessly. These don't work well when I'm doing yoga and have to lay down though, just because they touch the ground and get pushed towards my face.

Bose's sleek design allows the headphones to look good on everyone, in my opinion, and they also have this model in a silver colour if you're going for a lighter look. However I think they look equally  as styling in my handbag, as well as packed into my brothers school bag.

So to conclude I would recommend these to anyone looking to invest in a great pair of noise cancelling over-ear headphones. The design is fantastic and the ease of transport, as well as the fantastic sound quality makes them a great investment. You can pick them up here

Let me on know on Twitter or Instagram (Both @lifeintyping) if you do pick some up and tell me what you think.

H xx

These were bought by myself, with my own money. I am not being sponsored to talk about these headphones and all opinions are my own. Some links may be affiliate.


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