Sunday, 8 January 2017

2017 Bucket List | 100 Things to do this year

So I'm no good at making 'new year resolutions'. I think that saying you will or won't do something for a whole year is a bit silly because you don't know what changes the year will bring to your life.
So instead I've created a list of 100 things I want to do this year. They range from silly, small, things to more tricky, needing a plan, type things. Let me know on Twitter or Instagram if you take on any of these challenges as well!

1) Knit a jumper
2) Swim in the English sea -Wetsuit is allowed
3) Go to another country
4) Sleep in a tent for a night
5) Cook a full meal- That's starter, main and pudding!
6) Play a video game
7) Make a snowman
8) Bathe in a hot tub
9) Visit somewhere from my childhood
10) Record a song and put it on my Youtube
11) Create a flower arrangement
12) Paint an iPhone case and sell it
13) Enter art in to an exhibition
14) Get a new job
15) Get a drink in a pub
16) Go on a bike ride
17) Go to somewhere new in the UK
18) Go and watch a Ballet
19) Watch a live sports event all the way through on TV
20) Read 4 new books
21) Buy something from a charity shop
22) Try a new hairstyle
23) Buy a pair of designer shoes
24) Create a passive income
25) Order room service
26) Bake a cake
27) Make some vegan ice-cream
28) Make a cocktail
29) Grow a plant
30) Build a sandcastle
31) Go wine tasting
32) Attend a free seminar
33) Get afternoon tea somewhere posh
34) Register to be an organ donor
35) Send a care package to a UK soldier
36) Write a letter to my future self
37) Drink only water for a week
38) Send someone flowers
39) Play mini golf
40) Climb a lighthouse
41) Go to an aquarium
42) Tour a factory
43) Watch 10 'must see' films
44) See a new animal
45) Timelapse a sunset
46) Visit a Cathedral
47) Try an alcohol I've never had before
48) Visit a museum
49) Climb a big hill
50) Go somewhere they filmed some of Harry Potter
51) Shoot an outfit post in Chelsea
52) Walk a dog
53) Take pictures in Autumn leaves
54) Journal everyday for a week
55) Have a BBQ
56) Be able to do 20 push ups
57) Go for a picnic
58) Fly an RC helicopter
59) Go to London
60) Order a takeaway
61) Wear glasses for a day
62) Do a colouring in page
63) Put out a fire with a fire extinguisher
64) Write, and post, 20 blog posts
65) Make something
66) Try a new food
67) Buy a new 'summer perfume'
68) Drive in really heavy rain or wet conditions
69) Photograph a day out
70) Make a new friend
71) Get a pet
72) Wear false lashes for a day
73) Have someone famous see me on social media
74) Do some nail are
75) Re-do my bedroom
76) Wear wellies and jump in puddles
77) Visit a new tourist attraction in London
78) Sort out my bank accounts
79) Send a letter in a bottle
80) Vlog a holiday
81) Go without technology for a day
82) Make an investment
83) Repair my Revel Red Arrows model (it got broken in the move)
84) Do someone else's make up for an event/event
85) Take my iron supplements for a week
86) Master how to make a soy hot chocolate
87) Make £100 from online surveys
88) Master my skin-care routine
89) Dance in the rain
90) Visit a friend at Uni
91) Finish my scrapbook
92) Go to a concert/ show/ bootleg performance
93) Be able to parallel park better
94) Get a sponsored blog post
95) Make vegan meringues
96) Take my brother out for a day
97) Do a bird watch
98) Wear something, I wouldn't normally wear, out
99) Do some Parish work
100) Help someone in some way
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