31 December 2016

2016 Favourites | Beauty, Skincare, Fashion, Perfume

2016 has been one hell of a year! I finished college, got a new job, did a lot of traveling and grew so much as a person. I'm so grateful for everything that has happened this year and can't wait to see what 2017 brings to my life.
But here, in no particular order, is a run down of a few of my favourite items from the year.

Eye-shadows have been my thing this year, honestly I just love experimenting with the colours and, especially foiled eyeshadows, how much brighter they make my eyes look. As you can see from my Z-pallet below I prefer warm tones, especially burgundy shades and purples. My favourite shadows this year have been: Bitten by Makeup Geek (4th from the left, top row) and one of the highlighting pans from the Carli Bybel pallet (bottom left corner) which is a stunning bronze shade.

I plan on doing some swatch posts once I've collected a full pallet so watch out for that. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for all the updates. Both are just @ Lifeintyping

My favourite moisturiser has been this one from the Body Shop. It's called the Seasweed oil-control gel cream. As the title suggests it has a gel consistency but soaks into my skin really quickly. I like to use this under my primer when I wear makeup as I feel it adds another oil control element. I don't think I would recommend this to those of you with dry skin, just because it soaks in so quickly and might not give you enough long lasting moisturising treatment.

I went and bought a back up of this last week because I feel like I'm going to run out pretty soon.
The only thing I don't like about it is the fact it's in a tub and I feel like it's not that hygienic but saying that the first thing I do in the morning is wash my hands so I should be okay... hopefully!

When my skin has been acting up I love to use this product on breakouts. The 'Witch naturally clear blemish stick' is a great overnight treatment that literally gets rid of a spot overnight. It's so cheap but it's worked miracles on my skin.

Again, this is really unhygienic but the product works so so well. I recommend applying the product with a brush, rather than spearing the stick on your face.

I got a sample of this product in one of my Love Me Beauty bags one month and absolutely loved it. This is the Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water. I apply two or three pumps onto a cotton pad and wipe it on my face to remove all the excess makeup left after using wipes or another cleanser.

It's very satisfying seeing all the product come off that you would have otherwise missed. You can get it here. Check out the post when I talked about Love Me Beauty if you haven't already.

This foundation has been such a breakthrough for my makeup routine. I have quite oily skin in my T-zone but then quite dry cheeks, plus I find that foundation break down on my nose really quickly. But this 'Beautifully Matte' foundation by No 7 has saved the day! You would have seen in my empties post that I've already got through several of these, and I have a few backups in my draw as well.

Plus it's a foundation that actually nearly matches my pale, Casper-esk, skin tone.
The consistency is pretty thick but it blends out really well with a damp Beauty Blender or a brush. It gives me amazing coverage (so many compliments on my 'good skin' hahah when wearing it). I plan on doing a full post on it pretty soon.

However the foundation isn't quite light enough for me so along comes the Body Shop 'lightening shade adjusting drops'. This is essentially a white liquid that allows you to adjust the shade of a liquid product. I use a heap of this every time I use foundation to allow me to get a light enough shade. 

The drops don't change the consistency of the liquid product you're making lighter which means you don't have to worry about your perfect foundation being changed at all. It comes in a pipette which makes it really easy to add to another product.

Another makeup removal product I've loved this year is the "Face cleansing and make-up removing gel" from Nuxe. This brown gel comes out by a pump and it really easily removes all your face makeup. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight once I've rinsed it off which is great as well.

My final beauty product to talk about is this face mask from the Body Shop (not sponsored by them I've just fallen in love with so many of their products this year). This is the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask.

This mask helps to unclog pores, exfoliate the skin and add a bit more glow to the skin as well.
The pieces of Green Tea leaf allow you to gently exfoliate the skin when you wash it off.
This mask is the one best suited for oily skin, however the have a whole range that targets different skin types so I would highly recommend checking it out.

My favourite perfume is one that I got in the airport on the way to the Seychelles in August and whenever I smell it I'm taken back to those white sand beaches. It's the Dolce and Gabbana Rose Excelsa perfume. It's quite a floral scent but not too sweet which I like. Plus the bottle has a beautiful rose on the top so it's I love keeping it out, on display, on my desk.

A new pair of shoes which I got this year were by Jasper Conran. I love Jasper Conran shoes and I've spoken about another pair before here. But I bought these to go with a dress I wore when I was taken to see the Swan Lake ballet at the Royal Albert Hall. These are the perfect height for me, not too tall I'm going to fall over but a decent size heel to make my legs look nice.
The colour is so lovely for winter with black jeans, but works well in the Summer as well with a floral outfit or something.

Because I have off sized feet I've added some heel grips in the back. Mine were from Schuh and you can get them here.

My favourite book this year was 'A New Yorks Winter Tale' by Mark Helprin. I took it away with me in the summer and then finished it off in my lunch breaks at work. This book is written in three parts and each part has a completely different feel to the next. The first is quite romantic, the second more comedic and the last one brings all the characters and stories together and creates quite a mysterious ending with some political comments in it as well.

I had seen the film adaptation of this book before but, as per usual, the book was better and nothing like the film version. It's quite a beast of a book but well worth a read if you're looking for something new. 

And last but certainly not least I wanted to throw in a food favourite. I opened my eyes and became a vegetarian this yea and started to cut out as much dairy as possible as well. I found this great dairy free chocolate bar that has hazelnuts in it. Neither myself or anyone in my family could taste a difference between this and 'normal' chocolate. If you see it in shops, or fancy buying some to try, I would highly recommend it.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite products have been in 2016.

H xx

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