19 November 2016

Love Me Beauty review

I recently signed up for a beauty subscription service called 'Love me Beauty' and I've been receiving my bags for about 5 months so I thought it was about time that I put my thoughts down in a post.
'Love me Beauty' (LMB) is different to other subscription services I've seen because they actually allow you to choose which products you want each month. So if you'd like to see what I chose in November, and my overall thoughts on the service then keep on reading....

So, as I said, each month you get to choose which products you would like to be sent. The products and the brands involved change each month which creates a great range of products to try out.

You're given 60 credits and then these credits can be used to 'buy' the items to go in your bag.

For example this month I chose: Benefit roller lash (15 credits), Caudalie festive hand cream (15 credits), an OPI nail polish in Big apple (20 credits) and a Bare Minerals skin longevity (10 credits)

 The makeup bag that the products come in changes every month and this month it was a black and white star design which I think is perfect for the fireworks and festive season.
Some of the bags I think could even double up as clutch bags on an evening out.

All of the bags have a plastic lining so they're really easy to clean.

The OPI nail polish was a full size product which just shows you what a good deal the bag is. 
I've had one of these in a previous bag, but in a different colour, so I'm creating quite the collection.

The Bare Minerals 'skin longevity' is a serum from what I can see from the packaging. I've tried it once and didn't see any instant results so I'll let you know on Twitter (@Lifeintyping) if there are any changes!

Caudalie is quickly becoming one of my favourite skin care brands and this hand cream is no exception. The 30ml sample size makes it perfect for going in my hand bag or a clutch for a night out. The Sauvignon scent adds to the festivity of it all as well.

I've had one of the Benefit Roller lash samples before in a previous month, however I loved it so much I had to pick up a backup. I love how it thickens my lashes and lengthens them as well. Plus it doesn't transfer under my eyes which is a strong bonus!

There are a range of different subscriptions you can choose from including a rolling subscription that allows you to take each month on it's own and opt out whenever you like, and then right up to a 12 month one.
If you would like to try it out and get £21 worth of credits just use the code: HAYLE1057783

There will also be a link on my Twitter after this post has gone up.

So if you decide to get involved let me know on Twitter and Instagram (both @lifeintyping) so I can see what you chose!!

H xx

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