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Empties/Empty Products September 2016

So my empties bag was getting rather full and threatening to fall off the top of my book case so it seemed time to do another empty products post.
So if you're ready to look at some gunky products in my rubbish (so appealing) then keep on reading...

So it's quite a large pile this time but lots of repeat products. I've definitely found my holy-grail products now and find myself just going back to the same things but I do occasionally try new things.... promise!

So lets start at the beginning with primers. I had a coupon and picked up the 'one heck of a blot' primer from Soap and Glory. I love the powder from the line so thought this would be just as good but unfortunately I don't think it did much. It had a very silicone feel when on my skin but it didn't do much to extend the longevity of my foundation, and for an oily skin girl that's key!
Plus the sneezy tube made me feel like I wasn't getting all the product out, which I wasn't keen on.

The Revlon 'photo ready' primer is my go to! It keeps my foundation on for a lot longer and creates a smooth base to apply other products to. I don't find that it fills up my pores either which I like and the glass packaging makes it feel a bit more expensive. You can pick this primer up here.

Now onto foundation. I always complain about being really pale and the struggle continues. I find that 'drugstore' companies just don't cater for the Casper's of us out here which is annoying but still I keep buying foundations and rock the Oompa Loompa look.
The first was the 'L'oreal Infallible sculpt' foundation in the shade 10. This has a more dewy finish compared to it's original predecessor. But it does dry down and set to be semi-matte. I find that this foundation does settle into my fine lines, especially around my mouth and my smile lines. It also does this weird settling into my pores thing around my cupids bow but that might just be my extra peach fuzz (it's peach fuzz not a tach I swear!), I'm not sure.
The Rimmel BB cream was something I bought thinking I could just wear when I was running errands however it didn't give me much coverage at all really, just a shiny base so I wouldn't recommend that if you have oily skin or want any kind of coverage.

The No 7 'Beautiful Matte' foundation has been a real win for me though. I get it in the shade 'calico' which is the lightest in the range.
It stays matte all day and lasts through the occasional sweaty stock room run that I do at work. It does settle a little bit in fine lines around my mouth but I find i can just re blend these out with my finger and I'm good to go again.
I've repurchased this twice more and think it's really become a staple. You can pick it up here.

And then finally the 'One heck of a blot' powder from Soap and Glory is a constant staple in my makeup bag. It keeps me matte all day and is translucent without creating a white cast. It's also fine in flash photography. Grab it from here.

 It's not surprise that the 'Collection lasting perfection' concealers have made an appearance. I get through these like they're going out of fashion but they're just SO GOOD! No creasing and great for dark circles and blemish covering. The only thing with this is that it's so hard to find, but you can get it here.

The second is the Maybelline 'Anti-age eraser' which was very recommended by Tati Westbrook on Youtube but it was to dark for me unfortunately. I also found the sponge tip soaked up  lot of product so I didn't think I was really getting my moneys worth. It didn't crease but it was just too dark for my skin and din't match my foundation well enough to blend in.

 And the only liquid eyeliner I use.... the Seventeen 'Tattoo me' in Raven black. This lasts all day, it waterproof and stays black all day. The applicator is a soft brush but allows you to create a really thin line. I can't speak highly enough about this product, it really just is my go to.

 This, was unfortunately, a bit of a dud for me. I saw so much hype around the Sleek eyeshadow pallets so I picked up three of them but the pigmentation was just awful. The MUA eyeshadow palette that I have is £4 and every shade is amazing, and comparing that to this one just made me so disappointed.

 The shade range in the palette is lovely but when swatched on my arm and being used on my eyes they just have no pigmentation and are so patchy and just impossible to blend.
So I must have only used this twice before giving up.

The Seventeen 'falsiefeye HD' mascara is often on sale in Boots and it really is worth picking up because it's such a good mascara for creating a 'no makeup' look. I usually put it on underneath another mascara, such as the L'oreal telescopic mascara to create a nice, black, base.
I find that combining these two created a very lengthening look, as well and thickening the lashes without clumping them together. Pick up the L'oreal one here.

 Now onto some skin care.
The Simple cleansing wipes are just a holy-grail for me. I tried out the 'quick fix' ones when they were on sale and was disappointed. They didn't take of makeup so I tried using them as a cleansing wipe once my makeup was off but found that it left a sticky, heavy, layer on my skin which I din't like very much. But the original ones (left) are amazing at getting off makeup, even that 'Tattoo me' eyeliner which is almost impossible.

The Witch hazel stick (bottom left) is a fantastic spot treatment product. I use it every night to help bring down, and even make disappear, a blemish on my skin. I would recommend using your finger as applying the stick straight onto your skin is a bit unsanitary.

Next, the Simple light moisturiser is what I use everyday underneath my makeup to make sure my skin stays moisturised throughout the day. It doesn't make my skin oily and soaks in really quickly which is perfect for me in the morning as I'm always in a rush.

The Clearasil 5 in 1 face wash was a good way of exfoliating my skin, as well as being able to think I was doing something to help my pores. I didn't see much of a difference though I must say which was disappointing.

And finally the Garnier Micellar cleansing water I tried so hard with! I used it on a cloth, on cotton pads, on cotton balls, and nothing would really make my makeup budge. It hurt in my eyes as well which I wasn't a fan of. Maybe I just wear too thick of a layer to allow this to break through but it wasn't breaking my makeup down at all.

 The Soap and Glory 'Breakfast scrub' is the best exfoliator I've ever tried. It smells divine with the use of syrup in it and the granules of sugar really allow you to scrub away all the skin and create just such a smooth body. I've repurchased this and will continue to do so, I just think it's amazing.

Now last year the Body Shops summer range was the Mojito scent and it was so lovely! I bought the body jelly, which has exfoliating particles in it, as well as washing you and leaving an amazing scent behind. Unfortunately this year they went with Pina Colada which I don't like but if you like that scene then I would recommend getting this product because the formula is amazing.

I spent a small fortune on the Kiehls Tea Tree Oil shampoo after trying to get some advice on my seriously oily scalp. This was supposed to cure that and create shiny hair at the same time. So I ignored my bank screaming at me and brought it home. Now this did nothing for my hair. It didn't get the grease out when I used it to wash my hair, which meant that my hair, yes, was shiny but from the build up of grease..... Gross I know, sorry! So maybe this would work if you have normal hair, but not for my oily gals out there sorry.

And last button least the Aussie 'assume volume shampoo'. I think I was just expecting too much from this. I have very flat hair and it did give me some volume in my hair but not as much as I was expecting.

So there we have it, the full contents of my empties bin. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these product and also what products you go back to time and time again!

H xx

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