26 August 2016

La Roche-Posay Anthellios Comfort Cream Review

So after finally getting back in gear after a few weeks away in the Seychelles I thought that I should update you on a product I put to test. Something with some great positives but also with some catastrophic negatives.

So being the pale skinned girl I am, like seriously no foundation matches me, I burn very easily. I needed a suncream that was going to protect me from the Creolle sun, and also offer me a little coverage for when I didn't want to show off my under eye bags.
So I did a little research and found the La Roche-Posay Anthellios Comfort Cream came pretty high up.

The product has an SPF of 50 and it promises to not have an oily finish when applied to the skin. 
La Roche-Posay also say it's a photo-stable product which means it shouldn't have any kind of flashback in photographs.

The product is said to have micro-pigments which melt into the skin, giving a smoother looking complexion.

One of the ingredience is Glycerin which made me think it would stick around on my skin, even through sweat which I was keen about.

This packaging just makes me think of a holiday and the beach with the white, blue and orange, so a shout out to La Roche-Posay for that element.

This cream comes in a pump which I love because I hate having to shake product out of a bottle, it always just ends up going everywhere.

When I swatched it on my hand it left a very luminous finish and felt quite sticky on my skin, which I wasn't too keen about, especially as this is suppose to dry down to be non-oily.

The right hand (as seen in the photo) has the product on, whilst the other does't. As you can see it looks more luminous and slightly more tanned looking, thanks to the micro-pigments.

So the positives are that it added a slight tan to my skin when I wore it and it gave a very luminous look to the skin. Plus I love the packaging.

But now for the negatives.....
I broke out so badly! Take a look at these TMI photos... They don't look that bad which is annoying because I wanted to show how much it effected my skin.

I had lots of under skin bumps which were very painful but never broke out to a head on the skin.

My skin also became very itchy and overly oily all the time.

I took cleansers and toners on holiday which usually help to keep my oily skin under control, however they had little effect when trying to deal with this skin change. 

The cream didn't really add any coverage at all, and gave only a luminous appearance to the skin. I don't mind not wearing foundation on holiday but when I have all these spots, I want something to cover it up.

I also found that it didn't fare well against sweat, intact I think that because it made my skin more oily I sweated more and so I found the product just slid off my face on to my fun lounger.... not cute!

So overall I wouldn't recommend this for the face, however being used on the rest of the body is amazing and I would highly recommend it for this.

If you fancy giving it a go for your skin, if you have dry skin, or for your body then get this product here!
If you want to give it a go you can check it out here.
Let me know what sun care products you use on your face, and whether any of them break you out!

H xx


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