31 July 2016

Mens Street Fashion

So if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (if you don't where have you been? @lifeintyping !) you would have seen that I went on a little trip to London a few weeks ago, more specifically Canary Wharf.
This is an area I've never explored before however I quickly fell in love with it. The newly paved streets and the re-painted old dock cranes, it all seemed like a perfect location for a street fashion photoshoot.

Now if you know me, or you've been reading for a while, you know that I'm not known for my fashion sense, or my ability to put together fashion forward outfits, however my boyfriend is and so I managed to persuade him to pose for me for the day.
Shoes- Nike Jordan
Tracksuit bottoms- Nike Jordan
Side bag- Unknown
Cap- Nike
Jacket- Black varsity jacket

The sky was very dark and moody however this only made me more excited to shoot... I do love a good moody sky.

 A recent birthday called for an extra special gift. He had been talking about this watch since the day I first met him, so I thought it only apt that he finally got it, after almost a year of putting up with me!

Watch- Gucci

T-shirt- Trapstar

My coat- Zara last season
My shoes- Nike
And that concluded a very lovely day, in the sun, shooting my much more fashionable boyfriend.
I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments what you like to wear during the summer.

H xx

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