1 May 2016

Drayton Court Hotel Ealing Review

So this week I went for an over night stay in London with my boyfriend. He's recently moved to London whilst I stay down in Surrey so it's been hard being so far (what seems like hundreds of miles) away. We both thought we needed some quality time together so we booked a night in the Drayton Court hotel and planned some things to do in London the following day.

Firstly the theme of the hotel area is very old school film industry styled. There was a big old fashioned stage light on the landing, photos of Audrey Hepburn on our wall and an old fashioned telephone in our room. I loved this styling as it gave the hotel some personality without it being old fashioned looking.

 The room was quite large compared to several I've stayed at, with two floor to ceiling windows that looked out onto the street below. At first I was concerned there would be a lot of road noise however it didn't bother us at all in the evening so I assume the sound proofing is very good or that particular road isn't too busy.

 There was a small desk area on the far side of the room that had the poshest hotel coffee machine I've ever seen, with a large selection of tea, coffee and hot chocolates. Lots of main sockets were also appreciated. That's not often a detail I'm too concerned about but it's been a problem for my boyfriend and I in previous places if we both wanted to charge our phones at the same time, and have my laptop charging.... people need charging ports! Don't be mean with them!
 The bathroom also felt very old school Hollywood and glamorous with dressing room/stage lights either side of the mirrors and black and white tiling. Lots of towels and shampoo were provided as well which is always a bonus.

 The only problem I had with the room was the fact the shower would go from hot to cold really quickly whilst you were in there. Almost as though if someone from a neighbouring room used their tap, our shower would go cold. So a bit of hopping in and out was required but it wasn't a detail really worth complain about I don't think.
 That cute old school telephone I mentioned... just little details really helped to make the room so comfortable and luxurious.

The price of our room for the night was £85, without breakfast. However we booked the day before so I think you would get a better price if you booked in advance. The hotel was about a minute walk from West Ealing train station and a 15 minute walk from Ealing Broadway which is full of shops and restaurants. The receptionist was very friendly and there was the option to pay on check in, or check out which I always appreciate. This is quite a journey from Waterloo (about 35 minutes), however I would recommend it due to the good price, lovely rooms and closeness to a train station.
We'll definitely be heading back to this hotel in the near future.
Do you have any London hotel recommendations? 


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