10 March 2016

Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Gift Set Review

I've always loved going into Boots and looking at all the Soap and Glory products, both makeup and the bath things, so when I saw this set with one of my favourite items in it I thought I would give it a go. So if you would like to see what you get in the set and my thoughts on each of the items then keep reading and let me know what your favourite products from the line are...

So this lovely set is packaged in the normal plastic box, however something a little extra with this set is the tray it's in. I've recently got some new draw units and so I'll use this tray in one of them to help keep me organised.

The tray has pictures from the Soap and Glory packaging and is in keeping with the retro, pink and black&white colouring.

 The 'Hand Food' hand lotion is a product I've tried before and never really got on with. I find it doesn't really soak into my skin very quickly and so I have to sit with greasy hands for ages which I just don't like. However my Mum really gets on with it so I passed it on to her.
The 'Rich and Foamous' body wash has a very sweet, nutty, scent which I didn't really like at first as I usually go for floral, or more masculine, scents. However I've used this in the shower for the last week and when it's warm with the water I found I liked it a little more. It doesn't leave much of a scent on my body afterwards either, which I like as it won't mix with any perfumes I put on.

 The 'Breakfast Scrub' is an all time favourite of mine. Weirdly I like the sweet syrup scent of this and it's chunky enough to really exfoliate your skin. I wouldn't recommend you use this on your face because of how coarse it is, however it's really good to use all over the body. I feel this also leave a slight scent as well, which I like.

The 'Body Buttercream' has the same sweet, nutty, scent a the body wash, however it leaves the scent on your body afterwards slightly. I love how well this moisturises my body, especially my legs, and actually leaves it feeling soft and moisturised throughout the day. This also soaks in really quickly which I appreciate so much because no one has time to stand around before putting on trousers!

The body spray was quite disappointing for me. I love the 'mist you badly' body spray that the line does, however this one smelt very strongly of hairspray and chemicals, which then lingered past the sweet scent that was in the background.

The eye mask that came in this set was such a cute extra as well. The material is so silky smooth and feel very comfortably on the eyes. I don't use a mask on a day to day basis, however I feel this would be great to travel with because it's so soft, and because is super cute right?! This mask also has a gel pad inside it which makes it slightly heavier on the eyes, and also adds a cooling effect when you have it on.
 The tray has the cute artwork used on the lines packaging.

So for £15 at Boots this is a great little set with a value of £40! Let me know below if you've tried any of these products or if you would recommend any others.

Love H xx


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