21 January 2016

Workshop Coffee Review

Whilst planning a day out in London for my Dad and I for his birthday I was looking for a new coffee place for us to go to. I've grown up going to my Dads workshop after school since I started nursery so when I found 'Workshop Coffee' I just knew we had to give it a go.

There are 4 different shop across London: Clerkenwell, Fitzrovia, Marylebone and Holborn. We visited the Marylebone branch which is just off Oxford Street, near Bond Street underground so it's really convenient. When we first arrived it looked very much like a pop-up shop. Maybe they were having some refurbishing work or something, or maybe the ripped up carpe/ lack of decent flooring is just a style, who knows!?

However the place did smell really lovely. I can't actually drink coffee (allergies) so I chose the fresh peppermint tea, and my Dad had a cappuccino. From what I can tell it was really good quality coffee, and the art on top was a nice touch. My tea was so so lovely, made with mint leaves and stayed hot (not like the Costa ones that go cold in 5 minutes).

As you can see from the photo, the table/bench was made of chip board and there were just low benches around the edge of the shop to sit on. The place was filled with commuters having coffee before work and there was a constant stream of people coming in to get take-out. It had a very friendly vibe and it was clear there were regulars as the staff knew some on a first name basis.

Some of the coffee beans were for sale as they have several 'unique blends'. 

I really liked the place, despite the temporary feel to the shop and the furniture. The drinks were very good quality for the price and I definitely want to try the other branches.

What other unique coffee shops have you been to recently?

H xx

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