6 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: Him

The previous couple of years I've had so many ideas of what I was going to give the men in my life... e.g. my Dad and my brother. But this year I've added a boyfriend into the mix and I just haven't been as inspired with gift ideas this year. After trawling through so many gift guides that tell me to buy socks or a watch, which I just find boring, I've decided to put my own little guide together which showcases some fresh ideas.

The three different guys I'm buying for this year are all very different, meaning I've got to think of different ideas for each, blast!
So here I've tried to categorise some of the types of people you may be trying to buy for...

The Gamer:

If you know a specific game, or console, that they want then that might be a great gift, however you need to splash some cash for a console and I often find it tricky to think of a game that someone might like; and then if they don't like it or they already have it it's a lot of money wasted... So I managed to find a few things, other than games, that may appeal.

Firstly, this mug is awesome! My brother always has a drink of tea or juice whilst he's playing and so, having a specific 'gaming mug' is a great idea.

You can get this one from Amazon here. It's huge, 12oz, and so will last then at least a couple games of team death match.

Or if they're more 'techy' then this might be a good option:

This memory stick is disguised as a playstation controller. These are easier to find in the bottom of a bag than a normal stick, and plus they just look awesome.
I got one of these last year except is was disguised as a mini camera, which leads me not my next category.....

The Photographer:

Again, if you know a specific camera they want and you've got the cash to splash on it then that would be an amazing present to get for someone. However if you want to get them a little accessory they will appreciate then here are some suggestions:

A camera lens cup is something I got last year and I use it all the time. These are perfect to take out on early morning photoshoots as they're thermal, or just for having some tea in whilst editing yesterdays shoot.

The 'sense cap' also comes off and acts as a biscuit holder as well which is super useful. You can get these off of eBay really cheap.

When I'm using photoshop I sometimes forget where all the shortcuts are and so having a keyboard cover to remind my where everything is would be such a good idea.

You can get these here. I think these are only suitable for Mac keyboards though which could be an issue for some people.

The Fitness Junky:

I'm not even that into my fitness, as much as I should be, but I love tracking my steps and how many flights of stairs I climbed on the health app on my phone. But for people wanting a more detailed idea of what excersise they're doing during the day then a 'Fitbit' is a great idea.

These fit on your wrist like a watch and then throughout the day they track a range of things from the amount of steps you do to your average heart rate. You can then sync the data from the Fitbit onto your phone at the end of the day so you can track your fitness throughout the week. These also some in different colours so making it personal to them is easy.

A 'Nutribullet' is another awesome gift idea. These blenders allow you to make smoothies, veg shakes and could be used for protein shakes as well. They come in a range of colours, meaning you could choose one that would be best for the person you're buying for.

You can find these in a range of stores, such as Lakeland, as well as online.
My blender recently broke so i've been eying up this one for myself.

As well as physical gifts, a gym membership or a series of sessions with a personal trainer would be a great gift for someone just getting into fitness, or someone already training towards their goal. Have a look around at your local guys and go for a free tour around them before committing to buying the membership as the feel of the guy is so important.

The Bookworm:
Every year my Dad asks for 'a book from the charity shop' and every year that's what he gets. He probably has enough to start his own store to be honest. But charity shops are such good places to get books for people, they always have such range of genres and non-fiction pieces, and it's also a great way to give to those in need over the Christmas period.

If you're buying for someone younger, or in their early teens, then I reckon the 'Guinness Book of Records' is a safe bet. I always used to get these are car boot sales and spend hours going through looking at all the pictures and all the crazy things people have done.

These books are perfect if you have someone you would like to keep quiet for a few hours over the

A place I love to browse to look for odd books is actually 'Urban Outfitter'. They always have weird books on display. Some of the current pieces range from '52 things to learn on the loo' to 'how to speak emoji'.

So if the bookworm you're buying for is bored of the classics (never!) or wants to find something new to enjoy then I highly recommend looking there for inspiration.

Another good idea that didn't really fit into these categories is getting them tickets to see something. Whether that be a sports event, a new film or a theatre show. It's a great way for you and them to spend some time together, whilst seeing something you know they'll love.

Leave me some more ideas below of what you're going to get the man in your life this year! Much love and festive cheer, Hayley xx

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