31 December 2015

2015 Empties and Product Graveyard

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, whether you celebrated it or not, and that you're looking forward to the new year. After recently moving house and deciding that a lot of my old stuff needed to be let go I decided to put a post together showing you all of my empties and product throwaways of 2015.
So grab a cup of tea and prepare yourself for a load of pictures of old, grubby, packaging!

I've collected a load of old packaging over the year which I've tried to put into sensible categories...

Lets start with mascaras. These three are:
Seventeen's 'Falsifeye HD', Clinique 'Lash power mascara' and MUA 'extreme curl'. The clinique tester was a gift from a friend who doesn't really wear makeup and I thought it was a perfect chance to try a slightly higher end mascara without making a splurge. I was so disappointed with it though! I was expecting it to do so much for my lashes button be honest it was't any better than others that I use. The MUA mascara wasn't bad actually if you're looking for a mascara to have in your handbag as an emergency one. At only £2 it's pretty good, no fallout, no transfer and keeps my lashes looking dark all day. 
The Seventeen 'HD Falsify' mascara I've repurchased over and over again. I use it as a base coat underneath my 'telascopic' mascara from L'oreal. It helps to hold a curl and doesn't give any flakiness during the day.

I'm now an avid primer user. After going years without using one I saw the light and decided to get the Revlon 'Photoready' primer which really helps to prolong the wear of foundation. However it doesn't help to minimise pore sizes or make foundation last quite as long as the Max Factor 'Face finity' primer. Both of these lines have matching foundations, however I haven't tried them out, but they've both worked well with all of the foundations I've worn over the year.
You know you like a primer when you lever the top off every morning and scrape out the last little bits!

This has definitely been a year that I tried out several different foundations, desperately trying to find one that will last the challenges of college life. The two that I managed to finish though were the L'Oreal 'Infallible' foundation and MAC's 'Studio fix fluid' which was my first higher end foundation. The L'Oreal ones were both too dark for me though which is annoying as I found I wasn't able to fully test it out as I was worried about having an orange neck or getting orange marks on my sleeve during a lecture (nightmare!).  The line doesn't actually have a shade light enough for me so I don't think Ill be going back to it. The MAC foundation I know I'll always be abel to fall back on, however I don't think it lasts more than 5 hours looking really nice, even with a primer and a finishing powder.

 Concealers and highlighters were also tested throughout this year. MAC's prep and prime I was recommended when I had my MAC makeup class (which you can check out here). I don't think it really did anything better than the drugstore options did and it creased really badly under my eyes! Collections 'Lasting perfection' concealer I've repurchased over and over again. It's great for hiding under eye circles, as well as blemishes all over the face. It blends really well and doesn't crease badly.
The two highlighters I tried from L'Oreal and Maybelline were both too dark to actually highlight my face (pale skin problems). I used them for hiding my under eye circles but they didn't do any better than the collection canceller, and so the hunt for a highlighter light enough continues.

 Two finishing powders that were used to death this year were the Rimmel London 'Stay matte' powder and Soap and Glory 'One heck of a blot' powder. Both of these are used for setting foundation, as well as making the skin look matte. The Rimmel powder makes the face look really matte once it's put on, however I don't think it actually helps to keep the foundation in place for more than 4 hours without being touched up. However I put the Soap and Glory powder on in the morning and I'm good for a decent 8 hours during the day. I think it helps to lock the foundation in place, but doesn't help much with creasing in smile liens or under the eyes. But I will be repurchasing this one again, for sure.

Garniers 'Moisture Matte' moisturiser (try saying that fast three times!) is a simple every day moisturiser that I use often before putting on my primer in the morning. However I have recently moved onto a 'Simple' one which I think helps to keep my skin tone more even.
I got an Efaclar Duo sample from a magazine after there had been loads of hype about it online. It smelled really nice, however it didn't do anything for my skin. I tried it underneath makeup, I tried it as a daily moisturiser, and an over night one as well, each time it just made my skin so oily, and that was about it.

 Time to talk about eye liners. The Collection eye liner was such a disappointing product. I wasn't expecting much from it to be honest, because of the low price. However it really wasn't great. 
The Benefit 'They're real push up liner' was another disappointing product which you can read about here.
However Seveteen's 'Tattoo me', is the bets eyeliner I could hope for, I've repurchased this so many times and every time I love it. It's semi permanent and so last all day, making it perfect for college, or swimming, or summer holidays. The brush is slim enough that you can create a really thin line without needing another brush and it's not a nightmare to take off with a good makeup wipe.

Two lipsticks which I'll just be throwing away are an MUA one and a Seventeen one. Both of them just aren't colours that would suit me and have formulas that cling to every dry patch. They also didn't last very well throughout the day.

 Last but not least there are the makeup wipes. The Nivea 'Daily Essentials' were awful for removing makeup or cleaning my skin after I had removed any makeup. They were really dry, even after just buying them, so it just felt like rubbing a tissue on my face. Dreadful.
However the Simple cleansing wipes are just my holy grail makeup removing wipes. They can remove my semipermanent eyeliner and the most stubborn of mascaras.

So there we have it. A year of products I've thrown away, worth mentioning. I hope you're looking forward to the new year, leave me a comment below letting me know what products you've got through this year.



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