Thursday, 15 October 2015

Lipstick and Lipgloss Collection

Carrying on from my MUA swatch post which was very popular I wanted to share the rest of my lipgloss and lipstick collection with you guys. I've photographed them on and also a swatch on my hand so you can see how they may look with your pigmentation.
Just a quick note that my cameras are both currently being fixed so I had to take these pictures on my phone. However I've edited them so that the colour is better matched to the actual product.

These are my natural lips just so you can get an idea about the pigmentation going on underneath the sticks and glosses.

 MAC Cremesheen lipstick in Cremecup. For me this lipstick was such a let down. It was my first and is my only MAC lipstick. I find that it clings to any dryness at all on my lips and really doesn't last that long. It's quite a sheer lipstick anyway so if that's what you're looking for and you have super smooth lips then this will look lovely and give a subtle pink shine, however for me it just doesn't work.

No7 Moisture drench lipstick in 'Sugar Plum'. My all time favourite lipstick. The picture doesn't do it justice. Such a richly pigmented, expensive feeling, moisturising lipstick. This berry, plum, shade is perfect for the autumn/winter seasons and so I've been wearing it a lot recently. This wears really well and just looks fabulous to make your lips look plumped that they are.

Collection Wok the colour matt lip butter in 'Marshmallow pink'.  This lip crayon came free with another item that I bought and Collection is always having offers and deals on in Boots so keep an eye out. I don't often wear this as I find it dries my lips up. For a matt crayon I do find that it sits quite well on my lips and it's really pigmented which is good. However if you plan to wear this for over a few hours then you will have to reapply as this comes off really easily and leaves a line around the edge of the lips.

Rimmel London Lasting finish colour rush in 'The redder the better'. Love this lip crayon, so pigmented and so perfect for creating a red lip that's going to last. It's not a bright red, slightly toned down, however with a gloss on top I find it really pops. This does tend to wear off badly, leaving a line around my lips but nothing a quick touch up can't fix.

Revlon lip crayon (the actual type has rubbed off but i believe it's something about stain or stay put) in the shade 'crush'. This crayon has such good staying power, however I find it wears off unevenly so you're left with a line around the lips, but I don't mind topping it up throughout the day as the colour is really lovely. I wear this a lot in the winter as it's a fab berry colour.
The third picture here shows how the swatch looked after I tried to rub it off with a makeup wipe.
This has a strong mint smell and makes the lips tingle a bit when applied, just a  warning if you don't like your lip products to have a scent.

Rimmel London Apololips lip laquer in 'Nova'. I've had this lacquer for ever because I honestly never wear it, I just keep it in the hope I'll try it one day and my mind will be changed. I think it's a combination of the awful way it sits on the lips (looks streaky) and the fact it doesn't wear terribly well. I wish I liked this because it doesn't look that bad when first applied, just a bit gloopy for me.

Helen-E Glamour colour gloss in 'Redcurrant'. I got this gloss in my Christmas stocking last year and I absolutely love it. It's very sticky though so if that's not your thing then you may not like this. However I really don't mind the texture. It wears really well, even if the shine wears off because i've been eating or talking, the colour stays and doesn't create a line around my lips which I hate.

Another Helen-E gloss, this time in 'Rose'. This is a beautiful rose champagne shade. Adds a very pretty shine to the lips without being too obvious. I usually wear this if I'm going to a meeting or interview and just want something to add a bit of shine. The texture is the same as the one above, quite sticky.

 Helen-E lipstick in 'spice'. This is super moisturising when you first apply it, however I find that with wear it clings to dry patches. I love how pigmented this is though, you early need any product and you have a beautiful colour. There's such a range of colours as well so go and check it out.

Kiko Precise lip pencil in '303'. I use this lip liner so much, especially for the darker lipsticks that I have. It really helps to make any lipstick wear better and is perfect for the winter months when I'm wearing a lot more berry toned looks. In the swatch on my hand it looks a little brown, however it appears more purple in real life.

Helen-E Waterproof pretective lip liner in 'Shade 1'. I was really excited to try this out as I love the lip glosses by this line, however I didn't think this did anything o help elongate my lipstick's life. I found it kind of balled up and fell off which was really weird. Not really a fan of this one.

Thanks for sticking with me this long, I know it's a lot of products.
Leave me a comment below telling me your favourite lip product for the upcoming winter season.

H :) xx

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