Friday, 31 July 2015

July Favourites

July has been a busy month. My family and I moved house and so I was living out of boxes for a while before everything was set up at our new place. I've collected a few of the items that have stood out to me this month. Enjoy!

This collection of items has some fashion and beauty items in it.

Firstly my new Tommy Hilfiger watch came into my life this month. It was love at first sight ladies and gentlemen. I wanted a rose gold, boyfriend styled, watch for a while now and this one ticked all the boxes. In real life it's a lot more 'gold' rose-gold than 'pink' rose-gold, but this suits me well.

As you can see it's very large which isn't everyones style, but for me I like the fact that it's eye catching and I know it's there.

The next item I picked up during a trip to New York last month. It's the EOS lip balm in the flavour 'mint'. I had seen so many american you tubers raving about this over the years and I'de wanted to get my hands on one without paying all the shipping costs it would give me to get one in England. So being in the states seemed like a perfect time to get one.
I love that it smells really strongly on mint, even when you put it on your lips. The application is a little tricky, I find, as it's basically a ball of balm, as apposed to a stick or crayon. When you apply it onto your lips it does give a tingling sensation but I quite like this.

This powder has been in my life for quite some time now so I'm surprised it's taken this long to talk about it. However if you're looking for a mattifying setting powder this is your guy!
This is the Soap and Glory 'One Heck of a Blot' powder.
I'm the kind of person that enjoys a very matte look when it comes to foundation. I have oily skin anyway so having a dewy finish just isn't for me. This powder comes with a flat sponge type applicator but I prefer to just use a powder brush.
With this, I find I have to reapply on my T-zone in the middle of the day if I want a really matte face, however this is probably because of my oily skin.
With such a small price tag it's definitely worth a look.

It was time to buy a new razor and after not being very impressed with the 'Venus Embrace' I had a look into new ones to try. I thought that getting a mens razor would give me a closer shave, and I was right. This is the 'Gillette MACH3 Sensitive Power Razor'. It has 3 blades which each can rotate individually, meaning you can get a close shave even on tricky areas like knees and ankles. I also found that the moisturising bar at the top helped to leave my skin feeling smoother.
It has a micro pulse setting you can switch on which also helps to add comfort. The handle is ergonomic to hold and the button is tucked away enough that you don't keep accidentally keep turning it off.

Having never been terribly successful when it comes to being able to contour my face I looked into getting a creme type foundation that I could put into my cheekbones and then blend in with my foundation. I usually end up looking like I have tribal stripes is I use a powder contouring product.
This is the 'Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick' in 315 Soft Honey.
This foundation is made for dark skinned girls and so is perfect for a pale skinned person like me to use as a contouring product.
I've found that using this blended into my foundation gives me a subtle, yet significant, contour.

This is a holy grail product for me. It's 'Seventeen Tattoo Me' semi-permenant liquid eyeliner. It creates the smoothest line, which is perfect for when I want to create a winged liner look.
This product is said to last 48 hours, although I can't see when you would need it to last that long.
I wore this on my way home from the states. I was up for about 26 hours, in which I got 3 hours sleep, and the liner was exactly how I had applied it.
I've worn this during exercise and it hasn't come off with sweat. I've worn it swimming in pools and in the sea and it didn't budge. So if you're looking for a liquid eyeliner that truly won't budge you need to get this.

I've been a bit late to jump on the bandwagon with this one but I recently bought a beauty blender.
I think I'm going to do a full review in a week or so on this because I have some likes and dislikes on it. However it has been allowing me to beautifully blend out my foundation and contouring.

And finally, my new deodorant I've been loving this month. I used to use a 'Sure' one but found it made my skin irritated and didn't keep me fresh the whole day.
So especially during these hot months I wanted to try a new one.
This is lovely on my skin, doesn't leave white marks on my clothes and leaves me smelling fresh all day.
I haven't tried any of the other scents yet but I'll definitely be re-purchasing when this one is finished.
This wild rose and vanilla scent is slightly floral without being overpowering and is perfect for the summer months.

Ok folks, thanks for reading. Leave a comment below of any of your favourite products during this month.
Hope your'e having a good summer so far.

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