Monday, 8 June 2015

Morning Smoothie Recipe

Yesterday was the first lie in I've had in ages. What with exams and work i've been up early every morning. So with some extra time in the morning before work began I decided to make myself a smoothie for breakfast. Not only does this taste good but it's a great way to refresh and energise yourself for the day.
Although I usually just use whatever fruit I have in the fridge and in the fruit bowl I found that this is probably one of my favourite combinations to use.

First I brew a cup of green tea. I usually can't stand green tea so the Twinings 'jasmine green tea' which is slightly sweeter. Green tea is great for boosting metabolism which makes it perfect for the morning. I feel I should probably drink it so hiding its taste in a fruit smoothie seems to make it acceptable.

 Then I add a handful of raspberries, a handful of blueberries and some strawberries. Adding blackberries in the winter helps to make the smoothie slightly sharper as well.
 Then I chop up about 3cm of cucumber to help smooth out the texture once it's all blended. Then I finely chop a handful of spinach or kale (depending what's in the fridge). I've come to learn to love to hate spinach and kale because it's so good for you. Again, I try and hide it's taste behind the fruit.
 Once nectarine chopped up. This helps to sweeten the smoothie up.
 Then I trow it all into the blender together, adding the green tea.
 Once blended it comes out a pink/grey kind of colour. Not the most beautiful colour but the combination of the sweet nectarine, the chunky spinach pieces and the sharpness from the blueberries, combine into a really tasty smoothie.

So that's one of my favourites. Leave below any of your favourite smoothie recipes! xx

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