Sunday, 19 April 2015

Benefit 'They're real! Push-up liner' Review.

I've recently been testing out the Benefit 'they're real! push-up liner' as I wanted to see what all the hype was about.
This is the first Benefit product I've tried and having heard pretty good things about some of the other products the company had I had high expectations for this one.
I'm defiantly a liquid liner girl but i've tried the MAC gel liner before and liked it so I was hoping this was going to be similar....

This product is described as a 'lash hugging gel liner pen'. The nib is reasonably small and then you squeeze the product through it.

I immediately found that the liner came out of the pen unevenly as in chunks which were then hard then to use without breaking off onto my eye-lid in chunks.
When I managed to get some of the product into a reasonable line on my eye lids I found that it was more dark grey than black which was disappointing for me as I like to have a strong line if i'm going to line my eyes.
When trying to apply I found that the applicator really dragged on my eye-lids which made it even harder to create a smooth line.

The line appears chunky and not as smooth as I expected and would want from an eye-liner.
Trying to do a winged look was next to impossible as the product wouldn't come out smoothly or thinly enough.
Removing the product is a nightmare as well. It comes off in chucks. The top layers seem to fall off throughout the day or at the first sight of eye makeup remover whilst over parts won't budge.

I feel a bit mean just writing bad things about this product as I had expected great things. I like the outside packaging but I don't think the applicator or the product are much good. 
For £25 you could find much better eye-liners.

What are your favourite eye-liner or Benefit products you've tried?

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