Thursday, 15 May 2014

Johnson's Face Care Clear Skin Wipes Review

When it comes to removing my make-up I'm extremely lazy. I've recently been using these make-up removal wipes from Johnson. Mixed emotions on these I must say.

When buying face wipes I'm quite picky. They have to be reasonably priced, take off my 'seventeen tattoo me eyeliner' and can't leave my skin feeling yucky afterwards. So how did these from Johnson do?
Well firstly they do remove all my makeup very well. The seventeen tattoo me eyeliner that I use is a semi permanent formula and so the wipes have to be able to remove that. That usually means they have to be oil based but these wipes say they are for combination skin so who knows? But this would also mean that they could remove waterproof eyeliner as the packet claims.

They claim to 'remove oil and impurities for visibly clear skin'. I found that this just wasn't true. They didn't improve my skin at all and I found that they didn't manage to remove impurities from my skin and so I got more black heads and blocked pores than usual.

The worst thing about these is that after you've wiped your face clear of make-up it leaves this white, sticky kind of film on your skin. I think this is probably it's attempt to 'moisturise' the skin but honestly it just makes the skin feel awful. I had to wash off this film with water and soap to make my skin feel clear again.

They retail in Tescos for £3.05 which is a good price for a pack of make-up removal wipes (25 in this pack) but these just aren't worth it. The product you get just isn't up to scratch.

What wipes for oily skin do you recommend?
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