Friday, 7 February 2014

Yankee Candles

All of my family know that I love having candles burning, and so for most of my presents I get Yankee candles. As I live in the UK there aren't any 'bath and body work' stores over here so Yankee candle is the best thing us Brits have.
I'm usually quit particular about scents that I like. For example I hate the smell of cinnamon or that 'baby powder' one that they have. Because of this I'm always bought the 'sampler' style candles. I think it's so great that Yankee sells the candles in all different sizes as it allows you to see if you actually like it before going and buying a massive jar of the stuff.

Top row: Midsummer night, Fresh cut roses.
Bottom row: Christmas eve, Turquoise sky, Merry marshmallow.

All of the candles have very different scents which is good because it gives you so much more variation.
All of them are strongly scented when smelling them in the packaging and when you have them out of the packaging they fill the room with the smell. I find that once they're burning the amount of smell diminishes but it's still there. I prefer a strong scent throughout the whole room though so I may have to buy a bigger size to see if that works better.
Out of the ones above my favourite is definitely midsummer night.
If you are using these 'samplers' put them on a plate or in a bowl so that the wax doesn't run everywhere and ruin your surface.
I definitely would recommend these as they're so inexpensive for what you get and there's just such a great range of scents there's something for everyone and even for every occasion. Go and have a look at their website.

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