Wednesday, 1 January 2014

MUA Lipstick Swatches

First of all: Happy new year to you all. I hope that 2013 went okay for you, you're still here!! May 2014 bring you all the happiness you deserve. As the title suggests this post is about some of the lipsticks from MUA. I have to admit that most of the lipsticks that I have in my collection are from MUA. However this is because they're actually really great.

I have 7 in total. 6 of the normal ones and then 1 matte.

 (I have tried to show the colour to it's true shade but some are not perfect, I'll say in the description below the likeness.)

Shade 3: A very bright hot pink, obvious lip lining when it starts to wear off due to the brightness.
Shade 2: very similar to No7-Sugarplum however it has some sparkle in it. Not as long wearing as the others.
Shade 4: Very sheer. More of a glossy, sparkly layer to the lip than actual colour.
Shade 16: A very bright orange colour that unfortunately I haven't made work for me yet. Orange is slightly brighter in real life than on the photo.
Shade 9: A beautiful rose gold colour that changes when the light hits it.
Shade 8: The red I wore to the Christmas dinner. Description of lipstick in my last post.
Matte: Scarlet Siren: Not quite as red as I would like it to be but if you really pile it on you can get a deeper red. Very drying to the lip because of the matte formula. Looks good for a retro/old fashioned make-up look. Needs topping up quite regularly though.

I really like these lipsticks. I think that overall they are long wearing and usually quite moisturising to the lips.
They retail for £1 at Superdrug. Or buy here: MUA lipstick. So for the price you really can't complain. I would like to try some more of the matte lipsticks to see if any of them are more moisturising. If you've tried any of these please let me know what you think.
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