Monday, 11 November 2013

M&S "Polish- Limited collection"

Whilst shopping for other things in M&S I saw this polish next to the tills. It was reduced to 10p so of course I had to pick it up... and I'm so glad I did. This colour is actually lovely.

The shade I picked up is "Bright coral". Although it's supposed to be a 'coral' I would call it a bright orange. I don't think it has enough pink in it to be coral.
It is sold as a "quick dry" polish and it really is. I would say it was quicker drying than the "Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish" which  is a good ting if you're in a hurry but can make application quite tricky. I found that if I didn't have much on the brush after I had don't the first stroke I had to get more on the brush because it had already dried. However putting a lot on my nail wasn't too bad as it didn't run easily.
I used 2 coats to get it looking opaque.
Without using a top or bottom coat the polish stayed chip free for 2 days and then started to chip slightly at the end of the nail.
Overall I am very happy with this polish and would be happy to pay the £3.50 that they are usually sold for.
Have a look at this link if you are interested (Bright coral" is no longer available I don't think)

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