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White rocks hotel- Kefalonia

My family and I are already starting to think about the summer holiday for next year and where we might think of going. As my brother and I both have camps we may be going on it's often difficult for us to find a time we can go. But it made me think about the holiday we had this year.
I want to tell you a bit about the hotel we stayed in because I thought it was just exceptional.

I was lucky enough to go to Kefalonia (A Greek island) for a week. We stayed in a hotel called "White Rocks" which was about a 10 minutes drive from the tiny airport they have. The transfer we had was very easily and we were soon at the hotel logging in. The receptionist was very friendly and spoke good English. Our bags were taken to our room for us. The rooms were just beautiful. We had rooms that looked onto the sea and the beach below.


The bathroom was very clean and had marble d├ęcor everywhere, my favourite. The thing with Greek toilets is you can't flush any paper down the loo which was rather difficult to get used to.
One thing I wasn't that keen on was the window from the bathroom to the bedroom... It was slightly tinted but because of the large window/folding doors it was very easy to see through. This just made me feel a bit uncomfortable if I'm honest.
There was an option for you to ask for your beds to be changed or not which I thought was good because sometimes they don't need to be washed everyday, just a waste of water.
The rooms also had a mini fridge which you could purchase things from and a safe that you chose the code for.

We had paid for half-board which meant we could have breakfast and dinner but there was an option to swap a dinner for a lunch which we did one day so we could go out for dinner.
The staff were all very friendly and once the restaurant had opened we were quickly shown to a table. There was never any mix up with the tables either. The salad and bread bar was the same or similar every evening but there was always a different selection of cooked items for main. There was a different meat every evening I think and there was always a vegetarian option as well. Every evening a different 4 puddings were offered.
Because it was a buffet style you could eat whatever and however much you wanted which on some days after swimming for hours was wonderful!
Breakfast was always similar and there was a selection of fruit and cereal as well as a cooked breakfast. If puddings were left over form the evening before they were also available.
The restaurant it's self looked onto the sea and near by cliffs and also onto the patio/ bar area below and so bored children could be looked upon by parents.

Pools and Beaches
There was a pool available for all guests to use and it was about a minute walk from the reception. It wasn't heated but because of the warm (37C) heats it didn't need to be. An extra stone throw away was a private beach for hotel users only. Along this beach were sun loungers and umbrellas for people to use. My family enjoyed snorkelling around the beach. There were so many different types of fish, sea urchins, and many other creatures I have no idea about, to see.

I would defiantly recommend purchasing a underwater disposable camera to use. The water is so clear which means there is a lot of light to take photos with. 
There was a public beach about 3 minutes walk away. There was also a private path that took you down to the beach. The beach had a place to buy food and ice cream and also had showers and changing facilities there.

There was WiFi available in the lobby and the bar but not in the rooms which wasn't great but was OK for us. 
There were two bars, one next to the lobby and entrance and then one at ground level on top of the cliff. I enjoyed a few cocktails there and the service was quick. There was also a jazz bar by the ground floor bar.
There was a small snack bar by the private beach which we never used but looked like it served a wide variety of snacks and lunches.

Go and check out the website if you want to know more or see more photos. It really was a beautiful place to stay and the staff were so friendly. my only complaint is the WiFi not being available in the rooms but thats nothing.

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